Top 10 Movies That Prove Why Humans Should Not Interfere With Nature

'2012' (2009) The 2009 Film 2012 Dramatises The Potentially Catastrophic Occurrences In The 2012 Phenomenon Which Was Predicted To Hasten The End Of The World.

'Into The Storm' (2014) While Frequently Compared To Its 1996 Forerunner Twister 2014'S Into The Storm Stands Out For One Particular Aspect: The Meteorological Disaster Film Uses Found Footage And Tells Its Story Primarily Through A Camera Lens.

'Only The Brave' (2017) The Heartbreaking True Account Of A Team Of Firefighters Who Were Specially Trained To Fight Wildfires Is Told In The 2017 Film Only The Brave. The Granite Mountain Hotshots A Team Of 20 Firefighters With Special Certification In Managing Wildfires Are The Team Behind The Movie.

'The Perfect Storm' (2000) The Perfect Storm A Movie From 2000 Doesn'T Have A Happy Ending Like Most Natural Disaster Films Do.

'The Poseidon Adventure' (1972) The Poseidon Adventure A 1972 American Disaster Movie Stars A Cast That Includes Five Oscar Winners: Gene Hackman Ernest Borgnine Jack Albertson Shelley Winters And Red Buttons.

'San Andreas' (2015) Because Of The Devastation They Can Cause Earthquakes Have The Power To Destroy Entire Structures City Streets And Even Small Towns.

'Twister' (1996) The Majority Of The Second-Highest-Grossing Film Of 1996 Centres On A Group Of Storm Chasers Who Are Attempting To Set Up A Tornado Research Device During A Severe Weather Outbreak In Oklahoma.

'The Day After Tomorrow' (2004) The World Enters The Next Ice Age In The Day After Tomorrow (2004) As A Superstorm Quickly Approaches And Freezes Everything In Its Path.

'Everest' (2015) Everest A 2015 True Story Survival Biopic Depicts The Terrifying Journey Of Two Expedition Groups As They Attempt To Climb And Descend The World'S Tallest Mountain.

'The Impossible' (2012) The Impossible (Lo Imposible In Spanish) Released In 2012 Stars Naomi Watts Ewan Mcgreggor A Young Tom Holland In His First Acting Role And An Unbelievable True Story About One Family On Boxing Day In 2004.

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