Humans on Mars? Starship became the world's most powerful rocket

World'S Most Powerful Rocket Starship Became Man On Mars Bq Desk Updated On 17 Apr 2023

Most Powerful Rocket Launch Postponed Elon Musk, The World'S Second Richest Man, Elon Musk'S Company Spacex Was About To Send The World'S Most Powerful Rocket Starship Into Space On April 17, But It Has Been Postponed Due To A Technical Glitch.

Due To Its Strength And Size, This Rocket Can Become The Future Of Spacex, With A Thrust Of 167 Million Pounds, It Has The Ability To Take Many Satellites And Astronauts Into Space.

Trying To Send Humans To Space According To Caleb Henry, Research Director Of Space Consulting Firm Quilty Analytics, Starship Will Be The First Vehicle Of Elon Musk'S Vision Through Which Humans Will Be Able To Step On Other Planets As Well.

Completely Reusable Like Spacex'S Falcon Rocket, Starship Will Also Be Completely Reusable, Which Will Reduce Its Operation Cost.

What Are The Special Features The 120 Meter High Starship Rocket Is Capable Of Carrying 150,250 Metric Tons Of Material Out Of Earth'S Orbit, Earlier Falcon Heavy Could Only Carry A Maximum Of 64 Metric Tons Of Material.

Don'T Know About Success, Excitement Is Complete Spacex Ceo Elon Musk Tweeted About The Launch Of Starship That Success Is Not Known But Excitement Is Fully Guaranteed

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