Aliens Dark Descent: 10 Things About The Upcoming Game

Aliens Dark Descent: 10 Things About The Upcoming Game Gadgets Now Bureau Oct 12 2022

​Genre Aliens Dark Descent Is An Upcoming Single-Player Real-Time Tactical Squad-Based Action Game. Source: Tindalos-Interactive

​Developer And Publisher The Game Is Being Developed By Tindalos Interactive And Will Be Published By Focus Entertainment In Collaboration With 20Th Century Studios. Source: Tindalos-Interactive

​An Original Alien Story The Game’S Story Is A Fresh One In The Alien Franchise And Is Set On Moon Lethe Where A Xenomorph Outbreak Has Occurred. Source: Tindalos-Interactive

​You Are The Commander You’Ll Command A Troop Of Colonial Marines In The Single Player Game. Source: Tindalos-Interactive

​Soldier Classes You Can Build Your Squad By Picking Up Soldiers From Different Classes. There Are Five Starting Marines Classes That Can Be Made Stronger With Dozens Of Specializations Unique Abilities And Weapons. Source: Tindalos-Interactive

​Research New Tech You Also Get To Research New Tech At Your Base To Improve Your Fighting Capabilities. Source: Tindalos-Interactive

​The Creatures You’Ll Face You’Ll Face “Iconic Xenomorph Creatures Ranging From Facehuggers To Praetorians Alien Queens And Many More Including Rogue Human Commandos And A Brand-New Threat Unique To This Alien Storyline” Said The Developers. Source: Tindalos-Interactive

​Gameplay You’Ll Be The One Issuing Orders To All The Marines. They Can “Automatically Prioritize And Execute Complex Actions In Real-Time Based On Their Respective Skill Sets And The Environment Around Them.” If Your Soldiers Die Then There Is No Way To Revive Them. The Gameplay Requires Strategic Use Of Resources And Environments. Source: Tindalos-Interactive