Midjourney allows you to generate stunning images. But it costs at least $10 per month to use it. Here are 7 FREE AI tools to create your own images:

1) Leonardo Al Leonardo Al is a super powerful  Al image generator. Best tool to generate different size of images in minutes for free.

2) Bing Image Creator Image Creator generates Al images based on your text. Totally free with unlimited ideas you can generate.

4) Playground Al With Playground, you can create any kind of images. From Animals to people and many more.

3) Leap Al You can also use Leap Al to generate your professional headshot & job description.

5) Pixlr Pixlr is another amazing tool which can help you generate stunning and realistic images for free.

6) Craiyon Create Al image generated art for FREE. Introducing Craiyon, the Al image creator, that turn you words into digital art.

7) DreamStudio Best Alternative to Midjourney. Generate High Quality images in just a few seconds.

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