March 24, 2023

New Ray-Ban Stories | Wayfarer Smart Glasses – Review and Specifications: Everything You Should Know

Ray-Ban Stories | Wayfarer Smart Glasses Shiny Blue/Dark Blue Polarized
Ray-Ban Stories | Wayfarer Shiny Blue/Dark Blue Polarized Glasses Picture

Ray-Ban Stories | Wayfarer Smart Glasses Specifications | Shiny Blue/Dark Blue Polarized :Everything You Should Know

Model Name Stories | Wayfarer
StyleStories | Wayfarer
ColorShiny Blue/Dark Blue Polarized
Special FeatureVideo Recording, Camera, Voice Control, Phone Call
Age RangeAdult
Compatible DevicesSmartphone – IOS: 13 or newer/Android: 8.1 or newer
Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth
Battery Cell CompositionLithium Polymer
Ray-Ban Stories | Wayfarer Smart Glasses Specifications

About this item

  • Imported
  • Plastic frame
  • Plastic lens
  • Polarized
  • UV Protection Coating coating
  • Lens width: 53 millimeters
  • Bridge: 22 millimeters
  • Arm: 155 millimeters
  • Ray-Ban Stories requires a Facebook account and the Facebook View App to share social content.
  • Ray-Ban Stories frames cannot be replaced with prescription lenses and attempting to do so will invalidate the warranty.
  • RAY-BAN STORIES: The new way to capture, share and listen. In partnership with Meta, discover our first generation of smart sunglasses and eyeglasses that keeps you connected.
  • POLARIZED LENS: Delivering a true-to-color environment, Ray-Ban Polarized lenses block at least 95% of reflected light, virtually elimanting glare and increasing visual clarity.
  • CAPTURE THE WORLD AS YOU SEE IT: Take photos and videos hands-free and stay immersed in the moment with the dual 5MP camera. It automatically adjusts to the light around you for high resolution photos and quality video for up to 60 seconds.
  • SOUND IT OUT: Discrete open-ear speakers with 3 built-in microphones capture sound in all directions so you get rich voice and sound quality for calls and videos.
  • NEVER BREAK YOUR RHYTHM: Pause your song, take a photo or record a video with a single touch thanks to the hyper-responsive touchpad. Use Facebook Assistant voice control to  capture hands-free, just by saying “HEY FACEBOOK…”.
  • SHARE YOUR STORIES: The Facebook View App is your smart glasses operating system and content sharing companion, designed to enhance your social storytelling. Easily import, view and manage your photos and videos, create unique content with new editing tools and share what you’ve created directly to Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.
  • STAY PLUGGED IN: Charge your frames on the go with the compact, portable charging case. A fully charged frame lasts for 6 hours for moderate use and up to 3 hours for continuous use.
  • PRIVACY: We won’t access your media without your consent, and we do not use the content of photos and videos captured with Ray-Ban Stories and stored in Facebook View for personalized ads. If you share your media to any other app, that app’s terms apply.

A Short Review: Everything You Should Know

Facebook’s smart spectacles, the New Ray-Ban Stories | Wayfarer Smart Glasses, have been teased for some time now, and it’s maybe disappointing that the Ray-Ban aspect is the most fascinating part of the launch so far. 

 These aren’t the AR spectacles we know Facebook has in development, indeed if they could be( and are likely) a precursor to just that a soft launch product that tests the waters, gets the range in people’s minds and homes, and sets Facebook up for some splashy AR bias down the line. 

 For now, however, Ray-Ban Stories | Wayfarer Smart spectacles still offer plenty for those after some tech in their Ray-Bans – in fact the end product is a nearly perfect consummation of the Ray-Ban’s Stories ’ design, indeed if it’s disappointingly analogous to the Snapchat specs in numerous ways. 

 A satiny surface belies a medley of inputs and pointers, with touch-grounded volume control and a handy prisoner button for taking prints and videos. The binary-camera setup is not anything too flashy, but footage quality is impeccably acceptable for the purpose. Call quality, too, is unexpectedly clear, while the speakers placed by each observance offer an airy, open sound that makes playing pop songs on summer days a maximum delight. 

 It’s not all sun, of course. It takes a good while to import images to your smartphone over Bluetooth( at least in our testing), while the in- app image editing is laughably introductory for 2021. Still, given the ease of participating your captures to Facebook or Instagram( or anywhere differently) directly, this doesn’t feel like a deal- swell moreover. 

 You’ll need a Facebook account, as with new Oculus Quest 2 purchases – despite the Ray-Ban stylings and lack of any visible Facebook totem, the tech mammoth still wants to track stoner criteria then. You ’re decided out of expansive data shadowing by dereliction, but can subscribe up in the connected Facebook View app if you want to help ol’ Facey B out. 

 What’s more intimidating, however, is that the Facebook View app seems permanently active once installed, indeed once it’s been closed – which we go into further detail on below. 

 The Ray- Ban Stories – presumably named after the Stories feature cherished on Instagram – are largely emotional smart spectacles. The Ray- Ban surface will no doubt help it find a followership, with a substance of style and familiarity that a more in- house design would have plodded to replicate – but the innards have plenty to recommend them too. Just don’t forget that Facebook is at work in the background. 

 Price and Release Date 

 The Ray- Ban Stories launched on September 9, 2021, and retail for$ 299/£ 299/AU$ 449 – the same RRP as the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset, no lower. You can buy them now at the Ray- Ban website( opens in a new tab) or( soon, we are told) at numerous Luxottica stores. 

 That’s a cut under what we saw for the last replication of the Snapchat specs( which bring$ 380/£ 330) but about doubly as important as the original specs( which bring$ 129/£ 129/AU$ 169). 

 In Australia, the Ray- Ban Stories are also available at OPSM and Sunglass Hut stores, with the option to upgrade to concentrated lenses( starting at AU$ 489), transition lenses(AU$ 539) and traditional lenses. 

 Design and Colors 

Ray-Ban Stories | Wayfarer Smart Glasses has :

  •  Multiple designs, shapes and colors 
  •  emotional quantum of tackle crammed into Ray- Ban frame 
  •  A bit heavier than regular sunglasses 

 Ray- Ban Stories certainly are pretty. 

They come in a variety of Ray- Ban designs from over the periods Wayfarer( tested), Wayfarer Large, Round, and Meteor.( It’s the Round model that seems the most like Snapchat specs, though we go into further detail on parallels then.) 

 The collaboration of the 1937- innovated life brand extends further than the frame, however, with lenses coming in clear, sun, transition, and traditional options. There are about 20 distinct models, all in all, with the colorful colors( black, green, blue, brown) and lenses all reckoned for. 

 The spectacles come whisked with a charging carry case, which itself charges via a USB- C harborage. The spectacles and case both feel a bit chunkier and weightier than the average brace of tones – which is to be anticipated – though they still feel light on the face and compact enough to slip into the average pack, bag, or convey bag. 

 It takes about an hour, if not just over, to completely charge, with about three hours of listed operation through the case. We set up that an hour of light on/ off operation only drained the spectacles ’ battery by about half – with a veritably helpful index in the app – and you should be suitable to get a full autumn or day’s operation out of a single case charge. 

 The Ray- Ban totem is tastefully etched into the right lens, as well as the sides of the frame. The power button sits on the inside of the left eye, with the index( white for pairing, blue for’ on’) on the inside of the right, so utmost of the flashing corridor are well hidden from view – away from a red index on the front to show those around you that you ’re recording. 

 There are clearly sequestration enterprises then – while the red light and ‘ startup ’ sound should warn those near, the same problems of having a camera on your face at all times persist from the days of the Google Glass, and it doesn’t feel like it’d be too hard to deface the frontal index for further discreet and indeed invasive operation. 

 You’ll need a newish smartphone iPhone 6S and above running iOS 13 or later, or a phone with Android8.1 or over. 

 The Facebook View app is a fairly straightforward affair, with clear instructions for pairing with your Ray- Ban Stories for the first time. You ’ll need both position data and Bluetooth switched on during use – the former enabling automatic importing of captures through “ your spectacles ’ temporary Wi- Fi network ”, however be advised that it’s another thing Facebook has access to. 

 What is further disturbing, however, is that the app appears to be permanently active in the background, indeed after the app has been shut. This is, we are told,” to ensure you are suitable to connect to your spectacles using Bluetooth indeed when using other apps”, utilizing the necessary Bluetooth, Wi- Fi and battery life data” needed to operate the spectacles” and deleting after 90 days of storage. It is, we suppose, still a bit uncomfortable, given Facebook’s track record around stoner sequestration. 

 The app has a single ‘ Captures ’ view with a ‘ pets ’ tab to help you narrow down your options when concluding to edit, download or share images and videos. When opting an image, you can bin it, apply some introductory edits, crop, apply depth goods, download, or share to other apps. Edited images can be regressed, which is a helpful point, though the app won’t produce a new image after every edit, as some phones ’ gallery apps do. 

 The app can also bus- enhance the image for you, though it’s a slight effect and hard to separate on the whole. All of the editing tools ignited into the app are relatively introductory, with simple brilliance edge/ achromatism/ warmth sliders, and you ’re getting much further to play with in the Facebook or Instagram apps proper. 

 Features and Quality 

 Walking around with the Ray- Ban Stories is much like wearing a brace of sunglasses, just a little heavier. They ’re closer in weight and feel to the 3D spectacles handed out at the cinema, rather than regular fliers , but they ’re still impeccably fine for long sessions. 

 Picture and videotape quality through the two 5MP cameras is also respectable, if underwhelming by ultramodern smartphone camera norms. The rearmost 12- megapixel iPhone will fare better than this, so do anticipate to take a dip in image quality if you ’re coming from a flagship phone. To Facebook’s credit, however, videotape stays constantly crisp, limiting blur indeed when snappily jerking your head from side to side. 

 The audio is, maybe unexpectedly, one of the stylish effects about the Stories. Speakers are on either side of the frame, right by your observance, enabling music or calls to come through easily to you and muffled or at least muted to others hard. You shouldn’t anticipate your calls to remain private, mind, and others will be suitable to hear your terrible( fantastic?) music taste in the vicinity, but keeping your cognizance free and unblocked while streaming from Spotify is a great enough experience. 

 The sound lacks some bass – to be anticipated, given the size of the frame – but middle and high frequentness are aptly handled, other than long, stressed notes gaining some brief deformation at times. The quality is analogous to suitable average but respectable earbuds, which is still an emotional standard given the other features that are packed in. 

 The erect- in mics aren’t super close to your mouth, however, so be advised you may come across a little quiet during calls unless you ’re specifically speaking loudly. But the Stories ’ ‘ background noise suppression algorithm ” is also unexpectedly good at cutting out environmental sound. 

 Taking prints and footage is a breath, though it’s exorbitantly easy to do this by accident when handling the spectacles or simply taking them on or out. The peril of so numerous touch controls is that they can be touched off when you do n’t intend to do so, and we set up our Captures filled with a fair many blurred images from times we took the spectacles off our face. The touch-sensitive volume and playback bar can suffer from the same problem, too. 

 Should I buy the Ray- Ban Stories? 

  •  Buy it if 
  1. You love recording on the go. 

It’s like a Go- Pro for your face! The ease of hands-free recording, especially with the Facebook Assistant, can be a real joy. 

 2. You want to hear your surroundings. 

 The open- air speakers are oddly nice to hear to, and have the added benefit of not blocking your cognizance from hearing other people talk, or buses going by. 

  3. You ’re an influencer. 

 These are consumer smart spectacles, but the biggest request will no doubt be heavy social media generators who want more tools for landing footage in their lives. 

  •  Do not buy it if 

1. You want AR spectacles. 

 There’s no stoked reality ignited in then, so you ’re better off staying for an unborn replication. 

  2. You don’t trust Facebook. 

 This is a hard line for many, and if you feel upset about carrying a Facebook camera on your face, this presumably isn’t the right device for you. 

  3. You ’re clumsy. 

 Inputs can be fluently touched off by accident – leading to prints, vids, or playback that you didn’t intend.

*Note: If You Purchase these Ray-Ban Glasses from any of the Amazon Affiliate Links given on this page We will receive a small commission.

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