May 28, 2023
Rob Pelinka

D’Angelo Russell, a player for the Los Angeles Lakers, recently spoke about the team’s general manager, Rob Pelinka. Russell said that Pelinka was “snubbed” for an award that he was supposed to receive. The award in question is the NBA’s General Manager of the Year award.

Russell’s comments come after Pelinka made significant changes to the Lakers’ roster.

Pelinka was able to bring in some high-profile players to join the team, including LeBron James and Anthony Davis. These moves have been seen as crucial to the Lakers’ recent success.

Despite these accomplishments, Pelinka did not receive the award that many believed he deserved.

Russell seems to agree with this sentiment, stating that Pelinka should have been given the award.

In summary, D’Angelo Russell believes that the Lakers’ general manager, Rob Pelinka, was “snubbed” for the NBA’s General Manager of the Year award despite his success in bringing in high-profile players to the team.

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