May 27, 2023
Law Firm Marketing Strategies

Introduction- Law Firm Marketing Strategies

You are reading this article most probably because you want to grow your Law Firm in this Digital Era with the best marketing strategies for your Law Firm. If that’s the case, you are in a right place.

In this article, we will take a detailed look at the 10 Best law firm marketing strategies In the Digital Era in 2023.

So let’s Get Started.

Did You Know? Lawyer Statistics released by Inbound Law Marketing team 57% of customers look for a lawyer themselves, and many of them search for them online. Whereas, 66% of solo attorneys or small law firms do marketing on their own.

Only 46% of law firms have an actual marketing budget! 13% of law firms believe that no other person, other than themselves, are responsible for marketing in their law firms.

15 Best Law Firm Marketing Strategies to Grow your Online Presence and Clientele

1. Build your Brand

Building a strong personal brand is essential for law firms looking to stand out in a competitive industry. A well-established brand can help you attract and retain clients, establish credibility, and differentiate yourself from competitors, thus adding into the first and foremost of all law firm marketing strategies.

To build a compelling brand, it’s crucial to understand the evolving needs of your clients and the market. By continuously assessing and refining your niche, you can position yourself as a specialist in a specific area of law that aligns with client demands.

Make yourself stand out from other rival legal companies by differentiating yourself from them. You can create a distinctive brand story around your company’s USP, or unique selling proposition, to stand out from the competition.

For instance, Weisfuse & Weisfuse emphasise that they have been in operation for more than 30 years to engender trust.

law firm marketing strategies
image Source

Establish your USP. For instance, it’s simple to identify what makes Lisa Feldstein Family Law special:

law firm marketing strategies
Image Source

Once your branding and messaging are established, incorporate them into all of your marketing platforms, including your website, social media accounts, business networks, offline material, etc.[law firm marketing strategies]

2. Display your ability, legitimacy, and authority

Both passive and active marketing techniques should be included in a successful course of implementing law firm marketing strategies.

The copywriting and design of your law firm website are excellent examples of passive marketing since they may help establish your business’s credibility and authority.

By showing their extensive experience and reviews directly on their homepage, they provide an immediate air of authority.
Given the abundance of law companies, you need to put your legal knowledge front and centre.[law firm marketing strategies]

The potential clients that you are targeting for would be highly convertible when they see following things in your website

A. Logos or Images of awards you have received in your field of work.

B. Testimonials and Reviews given to you by past clients.

C. Demonstrating the cases and case studies, you’ve won.

D. A list of your practice areas and a list of all the attorneys at your firm (each with a bio) are additional features that should be included on your website.

3. SEO or Search Engine Optimization to improve Search Engine Results Ranking as a crucial part of law firm marketing strategies

SEO of your Law Firm needs to be effective and is a most important strategy of all law firm marketing strategies.

Basically, in order to get more clicks and traffic on your website, you need to conduct proper SEO for your law firm website in order to improve your ranking in search engine result pages (SERP). There will always be some elements of SEO that are required as per importance of law firm web marketing.

Search Engine Optimization For Your Law Firm would include following activities to be performed-

A. Keyword Research

B. SEO optimized Title and Meta Description

C. Optimized Images

D. Optimized Website Architechture

E. Hosting your website on Fast & Secure Hosting Platform.

[law firm marketing strategies]

Best SEO Practices to follow as a part of law firm marketing strategies involves-

1. Producing Quality Content

Being a topical authority in your field of expertise should be your major objective while creating content. That is, a person who is viewed as a specialist in a certain field of expertise, must produce in-depth, original content that responds to the kinds of queries that your target audience is thinking about.

Each one of your high-quality content enhances the chance to get to the top spot on Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERP’s).

2. Aim for Google Position Zero (Featured Snippet)

Featured Snippet, sometimes called as Google Position Zero, is a result snippet that appears on the top of the first page of Google whenever a legal question (in case of law firms) or any other question a asked by a user. The featured snippet directly answers to the question that the user is looking for on the google.

By responding to the queries that your audience is asking, you should attempt to reach Google position zero in order to have your law firm appear in a featured snippet, thereby increasing the likelihood that you will occupy the valuable space at the top of the Google SERP.[law firm marketing strategies]

3. Obtain additional backlinks

Making excellent content that people want to share is a key component of many of the most effective techniques.

Building links is crucial for raising your rankings. High-quality inbound links are considered “votes of confidence” by Google, making them a key ranking factor.

Here are some additional ideas for luring links:

To obtain quality backlinks in your business, submit guest posts to respected websites.

The usefulness and simplicity of infographics make them beautiful. You should receive a backlink each time another website uses your image.[law firm marketing strategies]

Excellent content will inevitably garner interest on other websites and produce backlinks.

To promote backlinks, you may start a podcast where you answer listener queries or talk about legal issues.

Books, eBooks, studies, white papers, and other high-quality material can be given away for free or utilised as lead magnets to entice other websites to link to yours if they think their visitors would find it helpful.

law firm marketing
How to get Backlinks

4. On-site Optimization

On site optimization is a crucial part of law firm marketing strategies.

By improving your website’s architecture, content, and coding, you may make it more search engine friendly. This process is known as onsite optimization.

There are numerous components to pay attention to. The majority of tasks demand the assistance of a person with technical understanding of your website and SEO, such as a law firm SEO service.

Onsite SEO Optimization

5. Boost local SEO[law firm marketing strategies]

According to statistics- Only 1% of consumers never look for local companies online, while 21% of consumers utilize the internet to do so every day.

The same is true of law firms. Right now, customers are looking for companies like yours. Your company is losing out on potential customers if local search isn’t optimized for it.[law firm marketing strategies]

You can boost your Local SEO by-

A. Building citations in the best legal directories– This entails adding structured and unstructured citations on blogs, governmental websites, media websites,, Yelp, and Avvo, as well as in online directories like Yellow Pages, Yelp,, and Avvo.

B. Enhance with all significant data aggregators– Your name, address, phone number, photos, etc. are collected by data aggregators who then distribute the information to countless websites.
The most prevalent Data Aggregators in the United States are: AcxiomNeustar Localeze, Factual and Data Axle.

In Order to submit information to aggregators, you can use Moz LocalYext Bright Local, or they will get your data elsewhere. [law firm marketing strategies]

4. Produce video material for marketing and education

Video may be a key component of your content strategy. Video is a challenge for many legal firms, but it won’t go away.[law firm marketing strategies]

Including video increases your chances of ranking on Google’s first page by more than 50 times, according to this infographic from Filmora (A video Editing Software Co.). Video increases conversion rates, creates new leads, and establishes confidence and trust.

It’s a vast subject, but let’s look at a few areas where you may concentrate your efforts to use video to draw in new customers.

If at all possible, request video testimonials from your greatest customers. It increases your authority and credibility, helping to persuade prospects that you are the ideal candidate for the position.
The level of video quality varies from pricey, elaborate, produced videos to straightforward videos of a lawyer in front of an iPhone.

Both are appropriate in their own contexts, but as a legal practice, promotional videos are typically meant to present a polished and professional image.

Educational videos are meant to provide information; they don’t need to be produced with such finesse. In fact, clients who connect more with a personable lawyer may respond favorably to a poorly made video.

In general, prioritize substance over output and polish.

Now You can easily create engaging videos from texts using Ai software

[law firm marketing strategies]

5. Create captivating webinars

Even if other industries are using webinars more and more, it’s safe to say that most law firms haven’t given them much thought in the last ten years.[law firm marketing strategies]

Perhaps that has changed somewhat as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. More legal firms are discovering that webinars are a successful method for:

  • contacting prospective new clients
  • The target audience’s education
  • answering inquiries
  • Having discussions
  • producing interest and leads
  • presenting the company as a world authority
  • strengthening current client relationships

Webinars may be broadcast live or may be broadcast live and recorded so that viewers may view them at a later time. This implies that they can continue to exist as video content after delivery and continue to draw customers.

You must give in order to receive with webinars. Incorporate top-notch content into your webinars.
Don’t worry about spilling all your secrets; if you show off your knowledge, potential customers will seek you out on their own.

Tips for organizing a good webinar:

  • Send countdown reminders to increase attendance.
  • Give participants the next step after each webinar, then follow up with them.
  • Make your webinars accessible for subsequent viewing.
  • Content from webinars can be reused to create blog entries or other types of content.

6. Create interesting attorney bios

[law firm marketing strategies] The quality of a law firm depends on its attorneys. You need to showcase how talented your team is by providing an interesting attorney bio for each attorney at the firm.

Most lawyer biographies are quite uninteresting and written to look like a CV.

Your visitors are searching for a person who can help them and get the outcomes they want. They are not only looking for someone with the appropriate educational background and law degree.

An interesting attorney bio generally has:

  • A high-quality Photograph
  • Value Proposition: What can you provide for your clients and why should they choose you?
  • Professional qualifications or experience of the Attorney
  • Active Contact Information

7. Enhance your website with live chat

[law firm marketing strategies] Some lawyers I know baulk at the idea of having live chat on their website. They see hours wasted giving out free counsel.

But the issue isn’t with wasting time. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages, and customers value the convenience of contacting your company online.

Customers actually like live chat over other contact channels like email by at least 46%.

Live chat can benefit your firm in many ways, such as immediate response, conversion, availability, convenience, and industry leadership. Agents look after queries, so it doesn’t take up any of your time, and the options are extensive.

You can include it as an automatic pop-up when a visitor lands on your site. It can be an unobtrusive button that visitors click on if needed.

Live chat is a great way to engage with clients on their terms, and should be considered again in 2023 and beyond.[law firm marketing strategies]

8. Make use of social media

For many lawyers, social media marketing can seem alien. However, if done correctly, it may be an effective marketing tool.
It’s safe to assume that a sizable portion of your prospective customers use social media.

But which platforms ought to you use? Even if your law company might not gain anything from being on TikTok, we firmly advise creating at the very least a Facebook profile and a LinkedIn page.

[law firm marketing strategies]

Your law practice requires a Facebook account if you want to engage with your target audience and keep current. It increases your trust, gives leads another way to reach you, and benefits your SEO.

There is LinkedIn. On its platform, LinkedIn has over 670 million professionals, including the kinds of decision-makers and influencers required to expand your practice.

With a personal page, each attorney has the chance to claim some prime “real estate” on the network. This will provide you the chance to network online and assist in developing your “personal brand” as a lawyer.

9. Boost your email marketing efforts

Although it may not be your only kind of outbound marketing, email marketing is one of the most crucial.

Email is still one of the best ways to connect with both current and future consumers, despite the rise of social media and other communication channels.[law firm marketing strategies]

In fact, approximately 60% of marketers claim that email generates the highest return on investment.

Additionally, the DMA estimates that you can expect to make $42 back for every $1 spent on email marketing.

You may create your brand, establish your trust, attract repeat business, and convert new leads by sending targeted emails to your network, and with little effort.

As soon as you begin routinely adding new contacts to your list, be careful to divide it into different categories using criteria like:

  • Practise specialisation
  • Buying cycle stage Location (if applicable)
  • Other important criteria
  • Following that, you can create email “drip” campaigns.

These are individualized emails that inform and nudge your target market to take action (pick up the phone and contact you, email you back, set up a meeting, etc.).

Email marketing in the form of newsletters will continue to be a crucial tactic in 2023.

A periodic newsletter distributed to list subscribers:

  • keeps you in customers’ and potential customers’ minds.
  • helps you demonstrate that you are knowledgeable about legal developments in your field of practise
  • is a fantastic opportunity to establish your expertise through educational content Newsletters don’t have to be long.

They may contain different kinds of content:

  • excerpts from articles that connect to your most recent blog entries
  • most recent cases
  • Information about the awards you’ve won
  • Introducing yourself to your solicitors and lawyers
  • Details of community activities
  • Updates on the law or practise areas

Read more about Email Marketing.

10. Manage campaigns for local service ads and optimized Google Ads

A disproportionate number of legal firms waste money on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising as a part of law firm marketing strategies, that is ineffective.

The search results page is increasingly dominated by advertisements, and the sponsored traffic you get via SEO is an addition to the organic traffic.

As much as 85% of the area above the fold on the results page is currently taken up by advertisements.

Why then do you find it so difficult to produce the kinds of achievements that other companies do? I’ll wager that one of the following is the cause:

  • With terms like “lawyer” and “attorney” among the most expensive keywords you can find, you’ve been attempting to compete for extremely competitive keywords.
  • Your marketing efforts have never been optimised.
  • You didn’t spend enough time doing your homework or finding the best campaign managers.

In order to succeed with Google Ads, you must:

  • Establish the search phrases you should use.
  • Make the appropriate adverts for these keywords.
  • For each advertisement, create a polished landing page.
  • Utilise A/B testing to continuously test and enhance the advertising and landing pages.

Every click costs you money with Google Ads. In the wrong hands, it can cost you a lot of money.

There are too many details to go into here, but here are some general guidelines:

  • Prioritize long-tail keywords rather than only head terms.
  • In your ad copy, employ dynamic keyword insertion (DKI).
  • Target postal numbers and zip codes instead of merely cities
  • Use a successful keyword bidding approach.
  • Add keywords to your advertisements.
  • Try out some interesting copy in your ads.

Spend money on local service ads[law firm marketing strategies]
These are more valued and appear above standard PPC advertisements. Unless you’re in the race for these positions, rival law firms will probably rule your neighborhood.

11. Start PPC advertisements on Facebook

It’s simple to understand why Facebook advertising has become so popular. With over two billion active users in a little over ten years, there is a sizable audience that is already available. Seven million companies currently use Facebook advertising as a result of this.[law firm marketing strategies]

Most law companies find it difficult to get started, but those who do so correctly report spectacular outcomes.

Make a Facebook page that is optimized and interesting.
A Facebook page that is optimized and fascinating will inevitably get followers.

To maintain a high level of ad relevancy, target a very particular audience.
Targeting customers with Facebook is simple based on:

  • profession or position
  • They reside in cities, suburbs, and regions.
  • Baby boomers are what age group? Millennials? Retirees?
  • Interests: What hobbies and pastimes do your potential clients enjoy?
  • Level of education: University graduates? university students?
  • Relationship status: Are you married, divorced, or single?
  • Which gender are you?

This enables you to target your ads in a very specific way. For your ad campaign ROI, it is crucial that you avoid drawing clicks from people who would never hire you.

Make advertising interesting, pertinent, and video-based

Make advertising that appeal to your target audience and use information that speaks their language.
Test your advertisements
The most successful Facebook advertising campaigns test different language and image variations for their advertisements’ effectiveness.

There are several aspects of your advertisement to test, such as:

  • The headline
  • The body text (should it be more emotional?)
  • Format (bullet points, shorter sentences, etc.)
  • Call to action
  • Images

Include a call to action at all times

Your Facebook ads need a call to action that motivates visitors to take the next step, just like all effective advertisements do.

This typically refers to one of the following for legal firms:

  • Request a free consultation now.
  • Click here to read more (from a blog post or other resource).
  • Learn more (as with the previous sentence)
  • Sign up right away (for a webinar)

12. Win awards and credentials[law firm marketing strategies]

Think about it. The search is on for a law firm. There are two businesses in the area with comparable prices and the same degree of knowledge and skill.

One of the companies was recognised as the XYZ Law Firm of the Year by a regional business journal the previous year.

Do you anticipate the prospect making a call?

For any business, credibility is a very powerful currency. Industry recognition enables you to gain the trust of potential customers right away.

Therefore, you might wish to start focusing on awards in your marketing strategy for 2023. Rarely do they just show up at your door. It does something.

There are paid-for awards and non-paid-for awards

Some of the top free awards include:

Some of the top paid awards include:

Awards have advantages and disadvantages

Gaining recognition and becoming a leader in your field might be facilitated through awards. They can help with SEO (backlinks are offered) and also improve your PR. Because of the perceived prestige of working with you, awards may also assist your business attract and keep talent.

However, there may also be negative aspects. They can be costly, time-consuming, and quickly out-of-date (publishing an award from ten years ago serves no use). In other circumstances, paying for an award is also thought to carry a stigma.

Our opinion is that paying for an award won’t help you if your service is subpar. It is preferable to earn an award than to purchase one.

13. Continue to be active in legal directories[law firm marketing strategies]

Regardless of what you think of legal directories, they are typically supported by big businesses that spend a lot on SEO.

Your rankings will rise if you build a profile in legal directories.

Being mentioned in the important ones might increase your traffic and give your website a reference and hyperlink.

Make careful to update and optimise your profiles in these directories in 2023. This is a reasonably easy and inexpensive method of advertising your business.

On certain sites, adding your information is free. Some also offer paid listings, while others charge a monthly or yearly fee for further exposure.

Feel free to check out our Avvo marketing guide for more tips.

14. Get the media (HARO) PR Engaged[law firm marketing strategies]

For news stories, the media routinely requests the legal experts’ opinions. It’s not unusual to see a lawyer give an opinion on television or be cited in a newspaper piece.

The “personal brand” of your legal firm and you as a lawyer are both greatly benefited by this free PR. You might be able to build trust and backlinks to boost your search engine positioning.

Participating in HARO’s Help a Reporter Out programme can lead to media coverage for your company.

This is a free service that aids North American journalists in obtaining the knowledge they require for their articles. Once you’ve registered, you can add comments and quotes as needed. Major news organisations including Reuters, Fox News, Time, etc. utilize the content.

You might not have immediate success. Your article can be used if you concentrate on offering quotations that present a distinct and compelling viewpoint on the legal subject at hand.

15. Create a successful sales and intake procedure[law firm marketing strategies]

Remember that although marketing generates leads, sales generate profit. However, only 12% of salespeople are certain that they can turn leads into sales.

If you’re getting qualified leads but they aren’t turning into customers, don’t blame your marketing team. Typically, that indicates an issue with your company’s internal sales process.

For leads to convert into paying clients, every law practice needs a sales and intake procedure. If not, all of your marketing efforts (and expenditures) are useless.

An organic search lead typically indicates that a person has entered a keyword that you’ve targeted on your website.

They contacted you after finding you on the front page of Google. Your SEO campaign has succeeded. That is a marketing-qualified lead, and at that point, the prospect could simply need information.

Sales-qualified leads are often recognized when a potential client contacts a member of your company and expresses interest in using your legal services.

They might have signed up for gated material or made a consultation request.

Sales-qualified leads are often recognised when a potential client contacts a member of your company and expresses interest in using your legal services.

It’s crucial to establish a strategy for converting marketing-qualified leads into sales-qualified leads so that you don’t waste time on the “wrong” customers who won’t ever employ you.

Key Points to remember:

  • Your time is important: You must implement a method to avoid having to respond to inquiries from prospects that a junior employee of your company might handle.
  • The clients who actively track lead response times and work to reduce them are the ones who are most successful with us.
  • Make sure to reply to the lead as soon as you receive it from a free case evaluation form.

Think about it:

  • What do you or your colleagues say when a potential client phones in?
  • Do you use a predetermined procedure to qualify clients and explain how you might assist them?
  • Do you express the advantages of hiring you in plain language?
  • Or is the dialogue improvised and random?
  • Although it is outside the purview of this post, developing a sales process is unquestionably something you should consider if you have a poor track record of turning enquiries into purchases.

And we advise Ruby if you need assistance with the client intake procedure.

These Law firm Marketing Strategies has the following main benefits for a law firm:

  • Increases your firm’s intake conversion rate and revenue
  • Creates a better experience for customers
  • Weeds out low-quality clients

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