May 28, 2023
Free ai image generator

In this article, you will find answers to – What Free AI Image Generators are available to use right now!

What is AI Image Generator? 

AI Image generators are software that use artificial intelligence technology and its many aspects, such as, machine learning, neural networks, and more, to automatically generate images. They often come in two forms – 1. Text to image & 2. Image to image — and both are fairly self-explanatory. 

Text-to-image generators are powerful tools that produce original images based on a prompt provided by the user. These generators can create stunning visuals that match the user’s text input, providing endless possibilities for artistic expression. With text-to-image generators, you can transform your ideas into striking images that capture the imagination.

Meanwhile, Image-to-image generators enable users to transform their photos or images by leveraging the capabilities of AI. Users can upload their existing images or photographs and modify them to their liking.

How Do AI Art Creators Function?

Most text-to-image technologies begin by being fed countless millions of photos by researchers. These data sets are annotated by researchers, who give the computer a written reference. The system is then adjusted, calibrated, and trained until it can reliably identify specific images and approximate the creation of new ones.

TOP 10 Free AI Image Generators

Check out these Top 10 FREE AI art generators that are redefining the boundaries of generative AI, creating stunning and original art-


Utilising a cutting-edge AI system, Lensa’s Magic Avatar feature creates artistic reproductions of selfies using the user’s favourite visual template, sparking a social media frenzy. A technological startup called Prisma Labs created a cutting-edge platform to elevate mobile photography and video production to entirely new heights.

The technology employs cutting-edge methods like computer vision, deep learning, and neural networks to improve the visual performance of your material. You can anticipate outstanding outcomes from Prisma that will improve the appearance of your pictures and videos.

Although Lensa allows users to do basic modifications like applying filters and blurring backgrounds, it does more. A single photograph can be used to create one-of-a-kind artistic works.

Applications: Refining face characteristics in photos for photogenic effects; editing images; showcasing creative flair on social media.

Pricing: Free on Google Play and the App Store

Generated avatars, facilities for altering the face, and additional visual effects including filters and photo borders are noteworthy features.


An artificial intelligence (AI) program called Deep Dream Generator uses sophisticated algorithms to generate new visuals based on old ones after training on millions of images.

This program uses neural networks to produce original visuals, unlike other AI art generators that translate text to images. It stands out from the crowd thanks to its capacity for original art production.

Users can quickly upload their photos and choose their favourite art form to create spectacular results. You may watch how your image is changed into a lovely work of art that meets your taste in only a few clicks. You can utilise the platform’s text-to-image feature as well.

Deep Dream Generator is likely best renowned for the more psychedelic, surreal visuals it produces, even though some of its works appear to be photorealistic.

Applications: include applying various filters to photos, experimenting with more surrealistic styles, and exchanging visual art with other creatives.

Pricing: With an account, it is free.

Notable features: include the ability to incorporate new styles that users have downloaded, a text-to-image and image-to-image generator, and the choice to publish or keep private any photos.


A text-to-image generator and an art editor have merged to create Artbreeder. Users can enter in a description of the type of image they wish to produce and draw simple shapes and images, and Artbreeder will use its artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to bring it to life.

Additionally, users can create several iterations of a single image, alter and improve already-existing photos, and even convert still photographs into animated figures. The site is home to a somewhat vibrant community of artists who collaborate and display their AI-generated works of art.

Applications: include creating multifaceted collages, reusing old photos to create new ones, and promoting artist collaboration.

Pricing: Free basic plan is offered.

Notable features: include the opportunity to remix works of art that other community members have shared as well as artwork generated from shapes, photographs, and descriptions.


Big Sleep is a Python-based art generator, in contrast to many other AI art generators, and is intended for artists with coding expertise.

The developers may utilise Python script on Big Sleep to create realistic AI-generated photos from scratch, despite the fact that the images are not quite as advanced as some of the newer AI technology now accessible.

Big Sleep is available on GitHub, is open-source, and is cost-free to use.

Applications: include creating visuals that convey simple or complex ideas; experimenting with coding and artificial intelligence art generating

Payment: Free

Notable features: include the capacity to process both concrete and more abstract notions, as well as the fact that its Python core makes it perfect for seasoned programmers.


Craiyon is a free AI model that was formerly known as DALL-E tiny and can produce graphics from any text input. Millions of online photos and the captions that go with them are used to train the model.

Craiyon gradually develops the ability to produce graphics from a straightforward text stimulus. While some of these notions can be taught off-hand, others are wholly original, have never been seen before, and are only made possible through fusing various concepts.

The model may produce images that contain negative prejudices or biases because it was trained on unfiltered internet data, but Craiyon’s research team is still working to eliminate these biases.

Applications: include developing visual designs for clothing and other products, experimenting with personal visual designs, and producing higher-resolution photographs.

Pricing: Free

Notable Features: include the ability to increase the resolution of AI-generated images, word choice that further customises visuals, and appropriate prompt ideas made by ChatGPT.


Through the use of a sophisticated algorithm, Dream by Wombo enables users to convert existing images into cartoons or fake paintings as well as change words and phrases into original works of art. Then, all of these inventions can be made into NFTs.

Wombo developed this programme that enables users to make lip-syncing deepfakes of themselves, acquaintances, and even famous individuals.

Applications: include making and remixing NFTs for sale, giving pictures and artworks more personality, and sharing works with the Wombo community or on social media.

Pricing: Free

Notable Features: include the capacity to create images from simple prompts, a variety of art styles, including realistic and paint styles, and the ability to remix NFTs.


One of the most well-known artificial intelligence art generators available today, NightCafe is reputed to contain one of the largest reservoirs of algorithms and features.

NightCafe produces original works of art using user-submitted writing prompts, much like previous programmes. But it does have one distinctive quality—it operates on a credit system. A person can generate more photos the more credits they have.

Additionally, credits can be bought or obtained through participating in the NightCafe community.

Applications: include creating intricate artwork quickly, collaborating with artists on projects in real time, and connecting with a creative community.

Pricing: Free

Notable features: Wide range of AI algorithms; chat rooms for real-time project collaboration; community-driven rewards system.


Users of Visionist can add AI art styles, such as abstract filters, cutout portraits, and more, to any image.

The platform, which was developed by academic staff and graduate students at Parsons School of Design at The New School, serves as both a resource for creatives and a venue for research into the interaction between creativity and AI.

Additionally, Visionist explores with AI-generated handwriting, AI-generated noises, word-patterning, and other things.

Applications include creating headshots that are professional or more artistic, editing photos to fit one’s aesthetic preferences, and experimenting with digital art technologies.

Payment: Free

Available as a mobile app, makes edits with a tap of the finger, offers a variety of styles, and has editing features.


The art generator StarryAI doesn’t need any help from the user at all. Instead, it uses a machine-learning algorithm to analyse photos.

The platform’s ability to serve as a free NFT generator, which gives users complete control over the images they produce, is one of its main selling points.

StarryAI, in contrast to many of the other tools on our list, is only accessible via an iOS or Android mobile app.

Applications: include creating photos for social networking or the internet, creating NFT art to buy and trade, and creating AI avatars for use in portraits, video games, and other situations.

Pricing: Free as a mobile application

Notable features: include more than 1,000 designs to choose from; elements to customise photos, such as beginning images and aspect ratios; and NFT art possibilities.


An image-generating AI technique called Stable Diffusion was developed by Stability AI. It is totally free to use and has the ability to convert text to image as well as image to image.

Additionally, the tool’s licence permits free use for both business and non-commercial purposes. And some of the programs on this list, such as Deep Dream Generator and NightCafe, make advantage of its underlying AI art model.

Applications: include creating high-quality images, tweaking precise aspects in images, and adding filters and other design elements to photos.

Pricing: Free basic plan is offered.

Features: The capacity to make high-resolution photos, the ability to convert text to images and images to images, and customization options like temperature control are notable features.

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